Comfort Guarantee, Now offered by Golden Mattress Inc.. Please ask for details.

New Shipement has arrived !


New Tallalay, Dunlop and Hybrid models recently added to our Showroom Collection.

A total of eleven (11) models, 2 to 10 inches of organic latex in each mattress, the largest number of Latex beds in one Showroom in this area.

The LATEX in our mattresses is guaranteed to be the finest grade foam used in sleep products, all made in USA and cerified by the highest American standards. 


Swirl Gel and Open Cell technology foams, for long lasting and consistancy in sleep comfort, are new additions as well.



NEW! Top Quality Latex Beds

NEW! Top Quality Latex Beds

Our Website is online!

While the craftsmanship of our furniture can only be experienced first-hand, we invite you to take a look around our website to get a feel for everything we have to offer. Be sure to follow up with a visit to our showroom!